Sunglasses : [Since 1975] – Sunglasses & Strap NEW!! [Since 1975] Mainstore

Outfit : Glyph&YASUM – *Kioro Suit* NEW!! – The Epiphany

Tattoo :  [AR2 Style] – Dennis Tattoo NEW!! – @men only monthly 

Pose : K&S  -Standing Poses 4 – K&S Creations Mainstore

Decor : Arounds the Propellers – Gacha Set –

IDEZA   – Indus Sofa NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA   – Indus Gears Table NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Copper Chandelier NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Liege Light NEW!! The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Tube Wall Light NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Edwings Bar NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Buffet NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA   – Red Zinc Star NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA – Blue Zinc Star NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Yellow Zinc Star NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Props NEW!! –  The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA    – Prism Table NEW!! The Chapter Four [TCF] February

IDEZA  – Copper Basket NEW!! – The Chapter Four [TCF] February

MadPea  – Hanging Wood Love Stencil NEW!! – @ MadPea Mainstore

MadPea  – Wooden Love Sign – Worn 1 NEW!! –  @ MadPea Mainstore

MadPea – Hanging Wood Love Stencil – Red Heart NEW!! – @ MadPea Mainstore

► Freebie Fridays – January 20th : Hanging Wood Love Stencils Starting at 5am on January 20th until 5am on January 21st at the MadPea mainstore  in case your loved ones forget for even a second, you can remind them that they are just that – loved! – with these adorable Hanging Wood Love Stencils! And group members will be able to make such a sweet gesture for FREE!

 [FREE group join]

 (After the 24-hour sale, anyone – group member or not – can purchase the Stencils for 125L)

Since it can’t be gifted while it’s free, be sure to tell your friends to join the group to take advantage of this Friday’s sale as well as future ones!



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